SPONSORED: Laser Hair Removal at David Loh Surgery

Early last month, I was sponsored one laser hair removal session at David Loh Surgery.
As mentioned in my blog entry
HERE, I was a little apprehensive about going.

To refresh your memory, LASER HAIR REMOVAL is currently a more better option, compared to IPL. This is because IPL, though a more common hair removal process, can can destroy dark skin regions, and may cause irregularity in the skin colour with certain frequencies used. Thus LASER HAIR REMOVAL has now become a better alternative, or rather OPTION. So if you’re not exactly fair, then fret not, LASER HAIR REMOVAL is THE solution for you.



Now, before I jump into how good this process is and how everyone should go for It, Id like to share my HONEST opinions about it, and my very own personal experience with the session.

As shown in my previous BLOG ENTRY, you can see Dr.David Loh using the COOLGLIDE on the sides of my cheeks,
I basically opted for that part of my face, for TWO reasons.
I did mention, how apprehensive and nervous I was, right? Well nervous enough to think something would go wrong and so decided to do it at the sides of my cheeks cuz, as I told myself “if anything goes wrong, I can use my hair to COVER it up” Thus I decided on the sides of my cheeks, rather than anywhere else visible like my upperlip or chin. Yes, I guess I might have over reacted, but Im only human, so naturally I got nervous!


(2) The hair at my sides of the cheeks are a lot coarser and thicker . And it’s a HORRIBLY painful task when I go for threading. MAJOR ouch!

So the day AFTER my session, I saw redness and freaked out. I saw bumps and started scratching cuz it was itchy. And like any other first timer who was dumb enough NOT to think, I went ahead and scratched myself silly. I then went online to do some further research and found out that the redness and bumps was a PERFECTLY normal sight and it would go down after a couple of hours or a day or two.

I also went down to consult with Dr.David Loh, just to make sure everything was doing okay. And he assured me it was a normal reaction to the laser hair removal and calmed my nerves down by prescribing me some cream to apply to the sides of my cheek.
Within 24 hours, the redness and bumps cleared!

I kid you not. Laser hair removal may scare you with the redness after the procedure but once it all clears up, WOW… you will be pleased.
I was very thrilled at how HAIRLESS (you get between 50-80% lesser hair growth after a few sessions) my skin was and how SMOOTH! I’ll be honest, Im a little jealous how the sides if my skin is now smoother than any other part of my face!


Three weeks after the procedure, I went for my usual threading session and the usual girl who does my threading, was very impressed at how there was very little, if not no hair growth at the sides of my cheek. And whatever little hair that WAS there, she claimed was removed VERY EASILY.

So yes, I did get freaked out initially but I guess I shouldn’t have scratched (or applied makeup !!) The results are indeed IMPRESSIVE and I would love to share this with ONE of my readers! The session that I went for, costs $250. You normally would require atleast 2-3 sessions, (varies accordingly) to see up to an 80% less hair growth!

One lucky reader of FACESBYSARAH will win a free trial session for LASER HAIR REMOVAL! (only applicable to females, currently residing in Singapore)

Here’s what you have to do:
STEP1 : Join Dr.David Loh Surgery’s facebook fanpage, “Aesthetic Makeovers”

STEP2: Post a comment saying WHY you deserve a free trial, in this format:
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All the best! You have till mid May 2010!