Im pretty sure JEANYIP is a name that is well known with many Singaporeans. I remember back in my early teens I used to walk past JeanYip Salons and told myself I wanna go get my hair done there someday! It just looked so polished and luxurious with its red and white interior. Well when I was 18, I went to rebond my hair at JenaYips salon (think it was at Tiong Bahru) and I left the salon, feeling like a princess!

So, I was pleasantly surprised when the lovely people at JeanYip invited me few weeks back to come check out their new one-stop flagship beauty and lifestyle centre, that boasts a whopping 7 storeys! Seriously, JeanYip has their very own beauty emporium called JEAN YIP LOFT and I must tell you, from the second you step into the building, an air of luxury and calm, totally engulfs you.
Here are some photos of the loft:











and thats not all, check out what awaits you at the ROOFTOP:



I was so dumbstruck when I saw the entire place! It was such a breath taking view! and it looked more like the rooftop of some hotel!
Hard to believe, what started off as just a neighbourhood salon 29 years ago, has now grown to be one of Singapore\’s leading hair and beauty groups with over 60 outlets islandwide! Impressive!




So what is the JEAN YIP LOFT all about?
Its said to be a “unique lifestyle concept, offering a host of beauty and wellness services such as scalp treatments, facial, massage, spa, nail services for BOTH men and women.”


Speaking of scalp treatments, JeanYip kindly sponsored me a session of their DELUXE HAIR SPA/SCALP MASK worth S$250.00
Ok some of you may ask “WHAT?? $250 for a scalp mask?”  Well, If you\’re anything like me, you\’d love to go all out and pamper yourself once in a while. All work and no plays…well you know the rest. 🙂
I personally felt like I was on vacation, throughout the whole time. Firstly because the atmosphere was so calming. Secondly, during the duration of my treatment, which took TWO HOURS, soothing tranquil tunes were played in the background and I was alone in the private hair spa corner. and the treatment? oh I just wanna go back again! I felt totally at ease, so much so that I dozed off a couple of times! It also helps that the lovely lady who tended to me, Pinky, was so good at the massage. Firm, yet not too painful. And when everything was over, I felt refreshed and energized..VERY energized! My family even asked me why I was so talkative and hyper that night and I told them it must have been the hair spa I went for!


Here are some photos:





And how did my hair look AFTER the treatment??

Will I go back again? Do I think its worth it? I think S$250 on a full scalp treatment, together with a shoulder, neck and back massage, followed by hair wash and blowdry, is most definitely invigorating and worth every penny. Im considering going back there this year end to give myself a TREAT since December is one of my busiest periods with bridals and other client appointments and I will surely need a break after December! 🙂However, if you are on a tighter budget, fret not, JeanYipLoft has so many other services:


Here\’s a pricelist of some of their services:

Feel free to call them to make an appointment: