SEPHORA’s new Eyeshadows + Palette

I wont lie, Ive NEVER been a fan of Sephora eyeshadows. I have always found them chalky and gritty. Hated them!
So when my girlfriend, Sung told me that the Sephora eyeshadows have just been released with a NEW formula…well okay, I still wasnt so keen.
That is, until I personally went down to the Sephora store and swatched for myself!


“Flash superior color, flawless wear, and long-lasting beauty with this striking eye shadow formula. The Color Eye Last complex means you can comfortably wear this shadow up to 10 gorgeous hours and the micronized pigments ensure an ultra smooth, blendable texture. The range of colors and finishes complement day and evening looks, from perfect mattes to pearlized shimmers, glitters, and a glossy mirror glow. “


I picked up FOUR eyeshadow colours, each retailing at SGD19 each, and received TWO free empty palettes! Apparently if you buy TWO of the eyeshadows, you get a 3pan palette free! And the palette…wait till I show you how amazing it is!

I was so blown away as I went crazy swatching the colours. Everything was just super intense and yet buttery smooth! A huge difference from how Sephora eyeshadows once were!



Swatched DRY with NO primer…amazing or what??




Ok so here is where things get more exciting!
When the cashier gave me the palettes, I didnt realy bother, infact I was gonna tell her not to give them to me cuz I will never use the palette. so THANKGODDDD I came home and figured out the palette’s purpose!




The back of the palette, has instructions




See that little key thing at the corner of the palette??





You use that to “pop out” the eyeshadow pans!
There’s a little gap where you place the ‘key’ and pop out the eyeshadow pan




tadaaa!! and to think I thought I had to use heat and get all messy depotting the eyeshadows! Its SO FAST AND EASY!




and the back of each shadow is labelled so you can always check back on the name




Then you simply pop it into the Sephora Palettes….





Or you can place them into your own palettes, Like how I did for my own ZPALETTE here:


Im genuinely thrilled about this whole concept and I think its fantastic for personal as well as professional use! For makeup artists like myself, you easily pop them out of the casings and place them into your own empty palettes! shows two types of palettes, a 3pan palette and a 6pan palette. I havent asked if Singapore has the 6pan palette yet, but they should have.

My only concern about this whole thing is the wasted eyeshadow casings! Sephora should start a recycling programme like MAC’s Back2Mac programme where you return 6 empty casings and get a free lipstick. Its such a genius way of rewarding people for recycling!

I cant wait to create a fun, colourful look with the new eyeshadows!!

  • umarani

    Sarah kindly do for us tutorial with the Sephora eyeshadow. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      will def do that soon 🙂