PERTH BEAUTY HAUL(Swatches & close-up photos)

In my last entry, I mentioned I was in Perth for a holiday and went crazy with all the drugstore makeup! Click HERE to see photos of the many brands and counters I saw there.

So here\’s a more \’in-depth\’ entry on my haul. WARNING..THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG POST! FILLED WITH PICS!



-LipScrub(Bubblegum & Mint Julips flavoured)
-Toothy Tabs


OMG The lipscrubs are SOOO yummy! ESPECIALLy the bubblegum flavoured one! It SMELLS so good and when you scrub it on your lips, you can lick the flavour off! SO YUM! I actually bought THREE of the bubblegum flavoured ones cuz they were SO GOOD! Gave one to my bestie and she fell in love with the scent too! 🙂

When I asked the salesgirl how to use the lipscrub, she said just scrub it on your lips and you can LICK it off! I found that pretty weird but cute! but she also added that it would be good to use a soothing lip balm after that and she recommended this one, so I got that but i presume you can use the scrub and any other lip balm after that:

I found this pretty interesting so I picked them up too. I guess it would be ALOT more convenient to bring these out when you\’re travelling, rather than bringing out a tube of toothpaste. you basically nibble on one and then wet your toothbrush with water and start brushing n it starts to foam like a regular toothpaste does. However dont expect a fruity flavour. I actually hate the taste! LOL




-Lipgloss Pencils

They were having a promo, BUY TWO ITEMS ad the THIRD ONE IS FREE. But I didnt really like alot of their stuff. But the blushers/highlighters totally caught my eyes!

Names should be the other way around! SORRY!





– Lip pencils
– Blusher

I actually heard abt this brand frm my gf who had gone to Perth n she told me the lip pencils were good and I swatched them and loved how creamy the texture was! Again with “3 for 2” promo, I bought 6 of the lip pencils

and one blusher. Yes im sure by now you can tell i LOVE peachy tone blushers 😀




-2000 calorie Mascara
(this is by far my CURRENT FAV mascara!! it lengthens my lashes like CRAZY and ppl always ask me if Im wearing fake lashes! this is a TOTAL MUST-HAVE!)
I dislike the MaxFactor eyeshadows, too chalky. so I only got my mascara to stock up.



– Face primer
– Lip Quencher

Love the subtle rosey brown tone!


Cant wait to try this out! dont know if Im gonna LOVE or HATE it 🙂




-Eye Kohl
I spotted these in a clearance aisle, gng for $2 each. Loved the pretty peacock tones of the eyeliners.




-Gel Cream liners
I had been eyeing these for a while now and I was still contemplating if I should get them cuz they were about $20AUD, but I caved in, in the end! Such pretty shades!



SUCH RICH COLOURS!!!!!!!!!!omg! ♥


and best part??




BYS Cosmetics

BYS was practically all over Perth! In just about every store selling drugstore makeup. They glosses were abt AUD4 ! Blushers were like AUD5!

Im not a lipgloss person but these were TOO CUTE to pass off! I bought one for me and one for my bestie! We\’re both leopard print fanatics!

It was literally like spraying a gold glow onto your skin. LOVE IT! Cant wait to use it on my darker toned clients, it will look SO PRETTY!

Can u believe this huge bottle of loose powder eyeshadow cost less than $5!




-BlackTie Optional Gloss

I this this gloss is pretty cool! Yea i know im such a sucker for “out-of-the-ordinary” stuff! The sales girl explained to me how this BLACK GLOSS is used to “DARKEN” your lipstick and make it more glossy. Not necessarily make it BLACKER bt just make it DARKER! I also bought it cuz I could use it for my shoots where I would use a darker coloured lipstick or even black, since halloween is coming up.


Lipstick with the black gloss applied:





CHI CHI Cosmetics
They were going at $5 each, I couldnt resist!! and SOOOOOOO pretty!! I swatched the TESTERS and was amazed at how pigmented they are! I didnt swatch these tho, cuz I bought them for my friends.





INGLOT Cosmetics
-Gel Liner
My lil shopping trip at INGLOt also was very refreshing because the MUA there actually recognized me and asked me if i was SARAH from FACESBYSARAH.COM ! Me and my bestie were super shocked! The MUA  was such a sweetheart, totally made my day!



Was so happy to get the artist palette. Great for mixing foundations/lipsticks etc

Angled brow brush, small crease brush and angled eyeliner brush

If you watched my last few tutorials, I had mentioned how much i LOVE inglot gel liners! SUPER SMUDGEPROOF!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

such a pretty colour! This was going at a promotional price of $10 so I bought one.

The new MATTE eyeshadows were out but to be honest, nthg exceptionally exciting about the range. Pretty much looked average. Only these TWO colours caught my eye. A lovely seafoam turqoise and a deep purple.

So apparently Inglot is PHASING OUT these small ROUND eyeshadow refills and sticking to the SQUARE ones only. So Inglot at GardenCity was having a clearance promo. any 5 of those circular refils for $35! PLUS THEY THROW IN A PALETTE FOR FREE! I just picked out 5 colours. The other colours seemed similar to what I already have.



and i also picked up lipsticks with the 20 palette.


I REALLY love how intense the colours are, and SO CREAMY! totally worth it! 🙂




I also picked up some nailpolishes
Various brands, various places


I bet you know why I bought THESE nailpolishes :p




and finally I picked up these two lovely eyeshadow palettes! In one of my older vids,I used a GOLD PALETTE and everyone was asking me abt it but I didnt know where it was from cuz a friend bought it fr me as a gift frm UK. but these are VERY SIMILAR!
and NO SWATCHES for these because………
Im gng to have a contest SOON and TWO lucky fans will be able to win them!! so stay tuned for that!


PHEW!! Ok that was my haul! Hope this helps those of you who are gng to perth or have friends family staying in perth