Remember I blogged about the MUFE Rouge Artist lipsticks few months back (Click HERE to read). Well now MUFE has come up with 50 brilliant new shades of Rouge Artist, this time called Rouge Artist Natural.
These lipsticks, contain cupuacu butter which help to keep lips supple & hydrated. Other ingredients also help “fix the pigment to the lips ensuring stability & long lasting colour“.
When I swatched then, I found them much more moisturising, compared to the Rouge Artist previous collection (which i STILL LOVE cuz they last ALL DAY!
These lipsticks come in three finishes: diamond, iridescent & satin

The Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural will be available at all MAKEUP FOREVER SINGAPORE counters at Sephora and the PRO Store, after 19th October. Retailing at S$38.00


Here are swatches of the 50 shades! You’re bound to find atleast ONE shade that appeals to you!( I found 6 ..possibly more!)






Along with the lipsticks, are these new COLOURED MASCARA’s
S$48 each




And some new KOHL PENCILS
S$32 each

These will be available in Singapore, from 19th October 2011

PS: Remember what I did on my birthday this year, in a lil collab with MUFE?? well its going to happen again NEXT MONTH! So for those who are aware, stay tuned! and for those who dont know, stay tuned too!! 😉