NEW: L’Oreal White Perfect Pearl Brush-on Whitening Foundation

I was pleased to receive this lil box from L’Oreal recently. It contained the latest L’Oreal White Perfect Pearl Brush-on Whitening Foundation. I got super excited because my first ever FAVOURITE foundation was a brush-on type and Ivealways felt that all foundations should have a built in brush becaus its just makes things SO MUCH MORE EASIER!!

I have to admit, when I first found out that there were only FOUR shades available, my first instinct was that it wasnt going to be a good match to my skin and that it would look ASHY. But the minute I got it, I wiped off one side of my face makeup and I brushed this on and I turned to my mum and sis who were in my room and asked them what they thought. I kid you not, they were super impressed. Mum even asked me immediately to buy one for her! 🙂
Ok my point is.. SO FAR, I like using this foundation because its a great match for my skin and it makes me skin look BRIGHTER, without giving me that scary WHITE MASK LOOKING face!


So just what are the benefits of the L’Oreal White Perfect Pearl Brush on Whitening Foundation?




The foundation is availablen in 4 shades, and Im using G3 (apparently the darkest shade)




How do you apply the foundation??

I personally am not a fan of using brushes for foundation application as most brushes leave marks on the face and may cause streakings. Only Few brushes (KENT, SIGMA,SHISEIDO etc) give a flawless finish. and this Loreal brush-on foundation is one of those that gives a streak-free finish



Here’s a before and after of my skin with and without the foundation:

*In the second pic, i have applied the foundation and lightly set it with translucent powder(so that u can see the coverage of the foundation)

I’m really impressed, and especially happy because it DOESNT FEEL HEAVY or CAKEY on the skin at all. Total PLUS POINT if you ask me!





Also available in this White Perfect Pearl series:



You can purchase them at WATSONS, BHG, and other departmental stores