NEW: L’Oréal The Extraordinary Oil

So Light, So Indulgent
Now women everywhere can have hair so richly nourished and intensely protected with an ultra-light weight finish

At the media event for the L’Oréal The Extraordinary Oil, we were asked “What comes to your mind, when you think of healthy hair?”
For me, its hair that doesnt BREAK when I comb it, hair that has shine, hair that isnt limp, and hair that isnt GREASY! If there’s one thing I cannot stand, its a greasy scalp! And thats the main reason why Ive shy-ed away from hair oils and serums, for most of my life.

As a child, my grandmother would “malish” or massage my scalp with coconut oil, promising me thick and healthy hair. and I wont lie, I DO have thick hair now! But I could not stand the oily feeling it left, nor the rich smell of coconut. Infact even today, if you hand me a slice of coconut cake, Id take a step back, cuz I just dont appreciate the smell of coconuts.

So eventually I stayed away from ANY oil, no matter what it promised! It wasnt until recently that learnt that you CAN use oils and serums, just not to apply too much, and especially not to your scalp area! I then started using the Amika hair oil which I use to protect my hair before I use any heating tools. So when I was introduced to the new L’Oréal The Extraordinary Oil, I was eager to find out more about this oil, and why it was so extraordinary!

(1)The Extraordinary Oil is designed to suit all hair types

(2)Its created using the most lavish oils of six flower extracts – Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Marticaria.
This potent combination of precious oils is realized into a transversal, ultra-caring formula that nourishes and protects hair for a silky, shiny finish that is soft to the touch and light as air.

(3) Whether you have dry, frizzy, curly, straight or thin hair, you will enjoy the infinitely indulgent and unbelievably lightweight Extraordinary Oil.

And the most amazing part about the oil is that it can be applied at multiple steps of the hair care process

Before shampoo and conditioning: Apply 10 minutes before washing to restore, richly nourish and prep hair for shampooing and conditioning
Before blow drying on towel-dried hair: To intensely protect hair from damage before styling
Throughout the day: As a finishing touch that leaves hair with a glowing shine and sumptuous smoothness without weighing it down

and YET your hair will NOT feel OILY, LIMP or GREASY, because the oil truly is incredibly light weight , and gets absorbed quickyly.

Here is a photo of my hair, BEFORE applying the oil:

Lifeless, no shine(aka DULL), and looks dry:

all I need is 1-2 pumps
(Rub it between your palms so it gets heated and apply from the ends of your hair, to the mid shaft, avoiding scalp)

I appled the oil, and even after using my heated flat iron, my hair looks so much more bouncy, has a lovely shine to it, and doesnt feel oily at all:

L’Oréal The Extraordinary Oil retails in supermarkets, pharmacies, and departmental stores island-wide starting April 2013($23.90 for 100ml)