How I came across this, was purely coincidental! I was at Robinsons with my cousin, helping her look for a moisturiser that was “oil-Free”. We came across EUCERIN and the lovely sales lady showed us few options. What totally grabbed my attention was the EUCERIN DERMOPURIFYER HYDRATING CARE





What does this do?
Well basically, Im sure many of you are already aware of this skincare line EUCERIN. Its a hit with many and isnt too expensive. You can find it at most pharmacies, drugstores and departmental stores too. This particular line DERMOPURIFYER, was created to fight the 4 key factors of blemished skin:


and the BEST part of this product, is that its said to be an IDEAL MAKEUP BASE!
and I put it to the test! Over the past week, I used it on myself as well as clients (Yes I bought two bottles). I found it REALLy did help my makeup stay fresh through out the day and even one of my brides sent me an sms the next day, thanking me for the makeup and saying the makeup lasted all night! (I posted a screenshot of that sms on my twitter too!)

I love love LOVE the feeling of this product on my skin! Its quick absorbing and doesnt feel oily at all! Infact, once you rub it gently into your skin, give it 30 seconds and you can see your skin looking a lil matte already.

Now, just like the MUFE ALLMAT primer, no product can make your skin 100% matte. At most, it just helps your skin look less oily. and I do see my skin looking more fresh and mattified, when I use this product.

and whats another GREAT point abt this product?
Its not makeup, but its a SKIN CARE product. Overtime, you will see improvements in your skin, and its said to “DIMINISH SKIN’S BLEMISHES” and “DECREASES SEBUM PRODUCTION” as well as “REDUCING OIL SHINE WITH ITS MATTIFYING PARTICLES

Need ONE MORE final reason to get this?
It costs less than SGD30!

If you were to ask me which is better, ALLMAT or EUCERIN? Id say I would choose Eucerin because in the long run, I know it will help improve my skin too. Whilst I DO use the Eucerin on my under eyes, I find that MUFE ALLMAT works even better for the under eyes. But if you dont have horrible fine lines like mine, then yes, the Eucerin is perfect and can be applied under your eyes as well 🙂

You can find Eucerin at various places, I got mine from ROBINSONS at Centrepoint

Hope this helps