NEW: 13rushes cosmetic brushes

If you have been following my blog or youtube videos for a while now, you’d know I LOVE brushes. They are a staple in my career as a makeup artist and well, I generally just have an addicition for brushes! Cant get enough of em!
So when I saw my good friend Sophia blogging about these new brushes,, I was SOLD! I was all set to buy them when the lovely people of 13rushes sent me some of the brushes. It was love at first sight.



Firstly, you should know, 13rushes is a local company. I know, I was surprised too. Mostly impressed. But surprised too!




“13ristles are 100% synthetic! It’s friendly to animals that doesn’t compromise durability and washes easily. These HD-quality brushes are individually handcrafted for the ultimate application experience, helping you achieving that pixel-perfect finish. Be amazed by their ultra-plush bristles!”
and they seriously are SOFT! I used them in my youtube videeo and you could practically see my expression when they touched my face! LOL

They have a whole array of brush kits as well as individual brushes, up for sale at their site,

I LOVE how pretty they look!! They look super classy with the colour combinations, and they are totally value for money.




Check out my latest youtube video HERE to see how I use the brushes ♥