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  • Elean

    hi sarah, i would like need your help and seek advice from you regarding my brushes! ive bought a set of brushes from sigma recently and wanted to wash them before using and actually used michelle phan’s method (extra virgin olive oil + dishwashing soap), and the outcome somehow is different from what was expected! my brushes became so fizzy and it is no longer as soft as before. i cannot belive and do not know where went wrong, and am so lost now.. the brushes are newly bought and not used at all, but this is happening.. i tried brush guard to keep the brushes shape well, but its not working.. the hairs of the brushes still went really frizzy sticking out here and there, i also tried sigma’s dry n shape system but neither is it working.. what should i do? if i were to try the brush cleanser that u recommend from inuovi, will it helps?

    appreciate ur assistance, please. thank you.

    • Anonymous

      OLIVE OIL on ur brushes?? thats insane! I suggest you do some read up on the internet before following what ppl say in their videos, sweetie.
      Olive oil will stick to the brushes and anyn oil based product, is always difficult to completely remove from brushes.

      If you use it on natural hair brushes, its probably impossible to get it back the way it first was. if you use it on synthetic hair brushes, its also difficult. just like how if you use an oil base foundation with a synthetic brush, it takes alot of time and effort to thoroughly clean the brush. Trust me, i know 🙂
      Just yesterday I was washing my foundation brush and I had to soak them in soap/shampoo for a couple of minutes before rinsing them.

      For ALL my brushes, I use shampoo. he inuovi brush cleanser seems to be unav ailable in singapore for the lon gest time so rather than wait, I started using shampoo. any gentle shampoo like baby shampoo, works fine 🙂

      I personally buy a separate bottle of shampoo for my brushes cuz i have well over 90 brushes and it takes forever to wash.

      Ok back to your question, elean. you mentioned the brush guard. Make sure the brush guard u use is SUPER TIGHT for your brushes, if not they are of no use. If they are right, they can retain the shape back to normal 🙂
      if the brushguards are loose, then they serve no purpose, in my opinion. For all my fluffy crease brushes, i wash them, squeeze out excess water, place the tight brush guard on(from below the brush, Up) and let them dry OVERNIGHT. I always wash my brushes at night so they get a good 5-6 hour tie span to THOROUGHLY dry 🙂

      Hope this helps you, elean ♥

      • Elean

        hi sarah, omg! im so sad to know that there is no other solution to solve this.. indeed the hair of the brushes’ texture is so much diff now than before! i thot michelle phan as a well known make up artist will never give a wrong advice or so, thus i followed blindly instead of researching for more details. and yes, the brush guard is newly bought too, just for this purpose of washing my brand new brushes. now that ive wash all my brushes tgt at a go with that method, im sad to say ive got no more brushes at all. omg!!!

        thank you so much for ur prompt reply and advice sarah. i will discard the extra virgin olive oil soon (i dont cook either, im only 19)! urghh!!! a total waste of money for my brushes that arent used at all and the purchase of olive oil.

        but sarah, may i know the brand of baby shampoo that u used? is it johnson’s? and also, if i were to purchase a new set of brushes at sigma, do u think i shld opt for the priority mail (with tracking no.) or express (w/o tracking no.)? previously i opt for priority mail, its rather costly. and if i were to opt the same postage again, it will be over my budget!!! but im afraid of the risk i will be taking for express mail, least parcels get lost.


        • Anonymous

          dont throw away the oil. you can always use virgin olive oil for your skin or hair 🙂

          yes johnsons works fine.
          and as for the sigma shipping, if you’re spending alot of money buying smthg overseas, its always better to be safe than to be sorry

          • Elean

            hi sarah. alright, i know what to do next.. purchase new brushes again!!!! and never wash them with olive oil. hahaha. thank u so much sarah:)