I received an email a few weeks back from RogerKhor of Velvut Singapore. Velvut is the exclusive Singapore Distributor of KENT BRUSHES. He was kind enough to email me to ask if I was interested to give the brushes a spin(no obligations for returns or reviews).


Kent Brushes was founded in 1777. Kent holds a pre-eminent place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence in the quality of its production which has been recognised by the granting of Royal Warrants for nine


I did a little research online, and accepted his offer.
**DISCLAIMER: I received this set of brushes absolutely free, and am not obliged in anyway to do a review. and neither am I paid for this. Whatever you read are my own words, unless otherwise quoted. And if you read my blog, you\’d know I\’m pretty frank. If I like something, I will tell you why I love it. If I dont like a product, I will express my dislike openly**

I received their 12-piece cosmetic brush set.




I have yet to try them out (as I just received em today!) but Im eager to , and will share my review on these brushes, once I have tested them out!(Details taken from the Brush Packaging)

In the meanwhile, here is a closer look at the 12 brushes:














KENT also sells hairbrushes/combs etc and is retailing at selected WATSONS outlets in Singapore, so do check em out! Velvut\’s ONLINE SHOP.

As for these brushes, they are currently ONLY AVAILABLE for sale online at


You can either purchase the individual brushes, or the whole set of 12!
The set of 12 brushes is regularly priced at SGD373.80 but for a limited time, it is going for SGD249.00 !
Yes, I know its pricey, and I wondered if people would consider buying the whole set. But in all honesty,the pricing of the individual brushes, are rather reasonable. You may wonder why they\’re so expensive, or how come their pricing are almost similar to other high end brands. Well, I guess you wont know till you actually try them out for yourselves. I will try it out over a few occassions and will report back tou guys!! 🙂

Check out the brushes : LINK

and stay tuned for my review! 🙂