HAUL: Victorias Secret Makeup Valet

Im no stranger to Makeup Valets. Infact I’ve bee using them for many years now and its basically one of the best ways of carrying and organizing your makeup, be it for you own personal use or professional use. I first got my valet online, forgot which website from though! And then got them again 2 years back at PRICELINE in PERTH and then now bought a new one, BIGGER & BETTER, at Victorias Secret in Singapore.


For those who are still puzzled about WHAT a Makeup Valet is…its got nothing to do with cars, or parking 😀
A makeup VALET is term used to call a sort of bag plus organizer!

Something like this:

They generally are zipped-up compartments to put anything inside, and comes with a hook so you ca hang them on the wall. DIVA sells them for accessories too. You can put anything from medicine, to jewellery, to toiletries etc
Very handy for travelling! Thus Ive been using them for YEARS!! Its just alot easier to carry around my makeup with all the compartments. I’m referring to carrying around my makeup when I go for client appointments or photoshoots etc







and DUHHH, how else would I have it, than my fav LEOPARD PRINT!

This was my current one frm PRICELINE in Perth, under the brand MODELS PREFER. I honestly cant recall but I think its somewhere between $27-37 . I bought one in 2011 when I first went to Perth, and then it broke cuz I clearly over-stuffed it, and then my gf bought the same one for me again when she went to Perth earlier this year.


Models Prefer:


This is how it looks like when its open and filled





and this is the new one I just bought from Victorias Secret, at their latest store opened at ORCHARD ION




Here’s a size comparison, the new VS valet and the current ModelsPrefer valet:

The VS Valet retails at SGD79 at VS Stores (Orchard ION, Marina Bay Sands, ResortsWorld Sentosa)
Comes in other designs too! 




  • msw

    how come these are not featured in their website? wanted to look at other designs but couldn’t find it within the website..

    • Anonymous

      I have no clue. i only saw them in the store 🙂