HAUL: VDL Cosmetics

In my previous entry, I featured newcomer VDL Cosmetics. Click HERE for more photos and info on the brand.

So i finally had time to go down to their store at Suntec City and I felt like I was in makeup heaven! Check my instagram for an instavideo I uploaded of the store! (@facesbysarah)

Ok so onto my haul! Its a pretty small haul. I just wanted to get their single eyeshadows and to stock up on their liquid liner!




I loved how soft their brushes were! And I can never have enough CREASE BRUSHES! So I picked up this small crease/smudger brush




ok this liquid liner from VDL is THE BOMB!! Ive been using it eversince I got it and I loooove how it glides on effortlessly. PLUS its smudgeproof! PLUS its intense black!! Super love it so I stocked up on it!




ok onto my FAVOURITE PART!!! The single eyeshadows!!






Prepare to get WOW-ed!



Swatched DRY with NO Primer:

Blown away yet?? These are crazy pigmented!! I cant wait to use them!!

and I received a free lipstick for spending $80!



Smudge Brush : SGD18.00
Liquid Liner : SGD15.00
Eyeshadow: SGD18.00 each



VDL Is at Suntec City Mall, Level 2 ♥