HAUL: Tokidoki SodaShop Palette

I had been eyeing this palette for months, eversince it first launched in Singapore. But thank god I didnt buy it back then because Sephora totally marked down the price after all these months!

Its now retailing at ONLY SGD29.00.



And for $29.00, you get 12 eyeshadow colours, 1 liquid liner, a nailfile, many magnets AND a metal tinbox that it all comes in!





Cute Nailfile!









Eyeliner (in a vibrant BLUE!) and its smudgeproof too!





12 COLOURS: Closeup + Swatches (NO PRIMER USED)





















and like Ive said many times, I have a habit of depotting eyeshadows because its make it more easier for me to carry them around when I go for my photoshoots or bridal appts etc
With this Tokidoki palette, it was rather easy!



FIRST, just pop the cardboard section holding the eyeshadows, out of the metal tin box




Then using a spatula, slowly remove the eyeshadows one by one. No heat needed.




Place them into your palette of choice. Here Ive placed them in my empty Makeup Forever magnetic palette that has some other random eyeshadows that I depotted. (Empty palette available at MUFE Pro Store at 36 Armenian Street)

Now Ive got my eyeshadows in a portable palette and I have an empty metal tinbox that I can use to store just about anything!

  • http://twitter.com/forest330 Joyce Lim

    This is such a good deal!! The colors looked pretty pigmented too!! Shall get it the next time I drop by Sephora!

  • http://twitter.com/_wickeRmoss_ charlesanGeℓ ℓacson

    finally marked this down! sometimes it really pays to wait a while! love this find babe x