So Im a brush fanatic, like I have an obsession with brushes! Not to the extent of spending $200 on a single brush though, but I love me a good brush!
And because I have bridal appointments anywhere between 4 times a week, to 4 times a day, it helps to have alot of brushes because I dont like using the same brush on a different clients.

I also have a habit of washing all my brushes every other night (every night if I have a client appt the next day) so I use up my favvvv MAKEUPSTORE brush cleansing soap very fast, and they are always sold out so I always stock up like crazy! But recently I came across something new on instagram.

Pretty Girls Beauty” an online beauty store, was raving about their 100% ORGANIC MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANSING BAR and I just had to try it!
I paid about SGD35 only including shipping (There was a $5 off code)

It arrived in the mail today n immediately I wanted to try it. Now this blog entry is my “HAUL” entry, not my “REVIEW” because Ive so far just washed the brushes once with it, I wanna try it a few more times, and see how it fares, and hopefully no brushes will shed 🙂
So far so good!




From PretyGirls website:
“Prettygirls Beauty is dedicated not only to beauty but also health in beauty and creating products that are non-carcinogenic and as organic as possible!
Therefore, we are proud to introduce our 100% organic, parabin and chemical free -ALL NATURAL Makeup Brush Cleansing Bars!
Our formula is perfect for the skin as well as all ingredients are natural and also perfect for your delicate makeup brushes to preserve and extend their life span! The cleansing bars themselves are long lasting and don’t require extreme scrubbing to remove product from your brushes as they have textured ingredients in them that help to remove build up in the brushes!!”

I wouldnt ummmm recommend using it for your face though if you are using it for brushes 😀
Use it just for your brushes, or just for your skin, either or, no both.






This is my powder brush thats been used just earlier today on myself, so here’s the lil “BEFORE” pic, to show you:




I first like to wet the brush:




then lather it up on the soap bar:





and finally, rinse it clean, and VOILAAA!




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