The first package I received in 2013, sent me squealing in excitement!!
I first head about BHUMI BRUSHES through Youtube Guru KandeeJohnsons video.

Bhumi Brushes are the lamborghini of brushes!” The second I heard that from Kandee, I was SOLD! and although I have NEVER heard of these brushes before, I still wanted to get my hands on them! If you know me well enough, you should know by now that I am a huge fan of brushes. At one point I think I had well over 120 brushes. But eventually I threw out some older ones and now I have about 80.
WHY SO MANY ?? Well because as a makeup artist, sometimes I have several back to back appointments each day, so when I dont have time to wash them in between appointments, It makes it easier knowing I have more of the same type of brushes that are clean and can be used on the next client. For cleaning my brushes, I love using the MAKEUP STOREBRUSH SOAP as seen HERE

My personal favourite is the CREASEBRUSH! I cannot do without a crease brush! My favourite ones are from Chanel, Starlooks, INuovi, and Sigma! So Im excited to try out these new Bhumi Brushes and see how they fare! Especially since these were not cheap.

I bought the BHUMI Core PLUS (Master 1: 12pc Set), and it was on a special promotion collaboration with Kandee Johnson so it was on sale! It originally retails at USD369.95 ! But I managed to get it at USD139.95. Shipping was CRAZY at USD47.95 though.
So in all, it cost me USD187.95, roughly SGD237.20.
But considering its 12 amazing brushes, it adds up to about SGD19 per brush only!
Well worth it, if you ask me!

A little bit more about BHUMI BRUSHES:
BHUMI(which means EARTH in Sanskrit) is the source and mother of all beauty. That’s why Bhumi make up brushes were carefully designed and masterfully crafted by human hands to achieve beauty in harmony with nature.
Created by professionals, Bhumi brushes magnify the natural ability of every make up artist and consumer to manifest inner beauty with the simplest techniques, in the shortest amount of time.
Bhumi brushes are made from synthetic bio-strand fibers, that are not harvested from animals and are more durable, pliable, and achieve optimum results with every make up application.It has more strength than animal hair brushes, do not deteriorate, and restore to original shape after a thorough cleansing
Bhumi brushes are hypoallergenic, resist bacteria, and assist in maintaining a clear complexion.

BHUMI Core PLUS (Master 1: 12pc Set)

You can check out BHUMI BRUSHES at http://bhumimakeupbrushes.com/

You can choose from a variety of brushe sets! From beginner sets to master sets
The set I bought was a limited edition set and MAY NOY be available for purchase anymore. Eitherways, Im sure you can drop BHUMI BRUSHES a message on FACEBOOK or check out their other sets! ♥