Guess who’s back!

Okay so I know I said Im not gonna blog anymore, etc, but I started with my videos again and thought since I do have some free time when the husband(yes Im officially married!)is at work, I can start blogging too.

Life in perth is really different from my life in Singapore. So So Different. Infact Im still trying to adjust to it, its been almost three months and whilst I am getting into the routine of being a housewife here, I still am coming to terms with how different my life is.

How different can it possibly be,Sarah? Well let me tell you…The biggest difference is the fact that I was a career woman, for the last 10 years of my life. I used to eat, sleep, breathe work. My days started at 4am for bridals and ended way past 10pm on some days that I had photoshoots to be at. Apart from that, I was very much into the blogging scene, be it on facebook, or instagram or usual blogging, social media was booming and that kept me really busy. Brands were inviting me for the preview of their new item launches, brands were sending products over every other day for me to try out. And if that was just ‘play’ for me, ‘work’ also included doing demonstrations for brands, being a judge for a brands event and so on. I LOVED my job.
And on days that I wasnt so busy with work, I needed to get out and shop! Most of the time alone. I enjoyed my alone time shopping, taking my time to browse through items, and when I was done, I cabbed home to be wit family. Other days Id meet my gfs for dinner, lunches, movies etc, I basically had a flexible schedule because I was my own boss.

These days, well, most of my time is spent cooking, or trying to whip up something new. I barely cooked when I was in Singapore. Mostly because my schedules were madness and I sometimes wouldn’t have time to eat till the end of the day. Over here in perth, however, I have a responsibility. And not one that was forced on me, one that I decided to take on, on my own. I live with my husband and my young brother in law, being the woman of the house ,I felt it was the right thing to do, to take care of our house, and cook up a storm for the boys. And cook up a storm I did! I was on a roll ! I was making dishes I had NEVER in my life, attempted to make before: dhall, mutton curry, tandoori chicken, potato cutlets, gajar ka halwa, kheer etc. Heck I even made a French puff pastry dessert once just because hubby mentioned he hasn’t had it in a while. One day after making a 4 course dinner, I called my bestie in Perth and said “I don’t know who I am anymore! I just cooked a freakin 4 course dinner!” to which she retorted “Who are you and what have you done to Sarah??”
😀 Jokes aside… I was really enjoying this new “hobby”. I say hobby because It wasn’t like a routine of cooking lunch and dinner everyday. Once when I couldn’t sleep at 3am, I googled recipes and went to make a batch of meringues! I kid you not!
As far as going out shopping is concerned..taking cabs in Perth isn’t as affordable as it is in Singapore. I used to cab everywhere in Singapore, and I mean everywhere! Over here, forget it. and since I don’t drive (YET!) I normally wait for either my hubby or brother in law to be free to take me to the mall. Them , or my bestie who stays an hour away!

But you know, its really funny how you just automatically take on responsibilities when you take on a new role in life. My husband has never been the type to say “clean this today, cook this tomorrow”
Never. He always has told me to do as I please (ofcourse within our means and within our limits). But when Im suddenly a wife, and a sister in law, Its like I automatically change my views and priorities.

My house became my priority. Cleaning it whenever I felt something needed cleaning. Not because anyone told me to, but because this is Our house and I want to take care of it.

My husbands family became my priority. Though we may not be in the same country, I make it a habit to keep in touch with them, and also make sure my hubby and brother in law call their mum often.

My husband became my priority. Waking up before he does so I can whip up some chocolate chip pancakes, French toast, and scrambled eggs for him. Putting his needs before mine. Looking after his health, cuz we all know how men are when they get sick, the whole “no I don’t need any meds” phase!

So I guess I have to say that despite having such a drastic change in my social life, and well, just life in general I think I gotta admit Im pretty blessed that I can find time to still do what I love doing most. I still get to instagram beauty stuff , and now I get to do my videos again, and bestpart about it, my husband is supportive and is happy that I get to keep myself busy doing things Im passionate about.

So with that said, HELLOOO AGAIN!! 🙂

Ive done a lil video on my wedding update if you wanna see some of my wedding pics.
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If you guys wanna see other non beauty related stuff like recipes and stuff, lemme know! Let me know your thoughts on what else you would like to see

I hope to see you guys again soon!

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