FEATURED + GIVEAWAY: Maybelline Singapore

If you head to selected Watsons, Guardian and Sasa, if you look close enough, you\’d be able to spot a familiar face at the MAYBELLINE COUNTERS:





I was so excited when I saw my face, I literally squealed in excitement, and the sales ladies was wondering if I was okay!  Ive never ever had anything like this before and it was definitely an exciting moment for me 🙂
Yes, thats my face, together with my lovely beauty blogger, and friend, Roseanne. The wobblers (as i found out they were called), features us both, expressing our love for the new Magnum Volume mascara from Maybelline. If you wanna read my blog entry on that mascara, click HERE.




So here\’s the more exciting part for you all!
Maybelline has lovingly sponsored me with $500 worth of goodies which I will be giving away to FIVE readers! That means each person walks away with $100 worth of Maybelline goodies!!

I realize all my past 5-6 giveaways have been SUPEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR easy, all you had to do was answer an obvious TRUE or FALSE question, or just comment with your email address etc. So I decided this time Id make it more challenging!


As I mentioned, the WOBBLERS with my photo, are at selected Watsons, Guardian and Sasa. To take part in this giveaway, you need to spot the wobbler, and TAKE A PHOTO “WITH” the wobbler! 😀



(1) Seeing how the wobblers are only in SINGAPORE, this giveway is only open to whoever is IN Singapore.
(2) You need to find the wobbler with my face, take a photo WITH the wobbler, which means to say you have to be in the shot (I know not all are comfortable with that but I figured this was challenging YET fun!)
(3) It can be either you or your friends or partner, in the photo.
(4) You can send in more than one entry
(5) You can email me the photos at sarah@facesbysarah.com
(6) you can also choose to TWEET me the pic (username: @facesbysarah)
(7) You can also choose to upload the pic on Instagram(username FacesBySarah) and tag me. Please note your accpount must not be private if not I cannot view/accept your entry
(8) I will end the Giveaway on 30th MAY 2012, and announce 5 random winners the next day



All the best! 5 Maybelline goodiebag awaits the winners!