FacesBySarah’s TOP 7 Concealers

I get various questions asked each day with regards to makeup and skincare. One of the most commonly asked questions, are about concealers.

Id like to start off by saying, that not EVERYONE requires concealer. Most people have a habit of slapping on concealer and in the end, they end up looking too cakey or looking like what we call, WHITE PANDA! (when you see whiter rings under the eye!)
If you\’re someone like me, who has HORRIBLY dark circles(my dark circles are abt 10-15 times darker than my actual skintone), then concealers are a must have!

These are my top 7 favourite concealers that I use on myself and/or clients. These are all purchased by me, myself, no sponsorship whatsoever. PLEASE also understand that when a product works for someone, it may not always work well for everyone else too. For instance, the UrbanDecay Primer is a huge hit with SO MANY people and all over the world, everyone loves it! But for me.. it barely stays on.

So please dont ask me why this concealer doesnt work for you and how come it works for me. Everyones skin is different. These top 7 concealers are currently huge on MY list and until i find something better, I want to share with you, why I love these concealers, and hopefully end up helping some of you, who are looking for concealers.

Everyone is entitled to an opiniopn, and this is mine:

These concealerd are not listed in any specific order. Ive randomly numbered them

























 PS: I am not the best person when it comes to remembering prices! But you can definitely check out the prices online 🙂

I hope these have helped! 🙂