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“You can never have too many brushes”
That’s the first thing I say, anytime anyone sees my brushes and go “wah so many ah!” 😀


But honestly, I think I have a lot of brushes for TWO reasons. First one being , career related. When I have like 3-4 back to back appointments, I don’t have time to thoroughly wash my brushes, so having like.. eleven crease brushes really works to my advantage! I put my ‘used’ brushes in a pouch and use the remaining clean brushes on the next client. Makes things a lot easier for me. Then when I head home, I wash and sanitize all the ‘used’ brushes, at one shot!

The second reason why I have a lot of brushes? Uhhh, I LOVE brushes? No really though, I do! I love a good fluffy crease brush, I love a good flat brush for contouring, a good angled face brush to give you a chiselled jawline! I really do love buying brushes!
So today I figured I’d do a lil entry dedicated to my favourite brush brands.
now DO bear in mind that these are not the ONLY brands that I own, I do own some other totally brandless ones, but they are infact brandless(no brand, just under $5 but bought at random stores worldwide) and work just as fine.

These are just the brands that I purchase some or many of my brushes from and just LOVE them to bits, so I hope you do too!





Sigma has been around for a while and I must explain that I do have a love hate relationship with Sigma! You see, I simply adore their eye brushes, best brushes ever! But I have slowly started to HATE their face brushes. I recently posted a pic on instagram (click HERE) showing how after I washed one of my black bristled face brush from Sigma, after drying it for a few hours, it was still a lil damp(that’s not the probem), but when I held the bristles in my hand, the black colouring transferred onto my hands!! I was bloody lucky, if you ask me! Imagine if I had attemped to powder my clients face with that brush! Ugh! I threw it out immediately! No salvaging that brush. And I thought that was the last of it but today as I washed and dried another sigma face brush, the same thing happened! Except this was a duo fibre brush, for stippling, and the white part , well slowly became grey cuz of the black colour mixing I suppose. And It realy just pissed the crap out of me cuz Ive got other duo fibre brushes that Ive had for longer, and DON’T make that mess! So yes, I love and adore Sigma eye brushes but Im never buying their face brushes again
Click HERE to see my step by step tutorial using SIGMA Brushes 


I officially have a crush on these brushes. No seriously, from the moment I got them, its been my absolute FAV brushes to go to! Now I do have to admit its pretty pricey, I paid about SGD237 for a set of 12 brushes. But when you do the math, it adds up to less than $20 per brush! And ifyou DO shop in Singapore, you’d know that MOST MAC brushes already start from $20+ so it really isn’t so bad spending that much on the bhumi brushes. Plus have I told you how much I love them? The Bhumi brushes are not made from animal hairs as Bhumi feels brushes made from animal hair deteriorate faster. And the best part about Bhumi brushes?? You know how when you wash your brushes, you then need to use a brush guard so it retains its shape? You don’t have to use brush guards for Bhumi brushes! For real! They dry and restore to its original shape without the brush guard! They are also sooooooo soft, everytime I use my Bhumi powder brush on a client, They always comment how soft it feels on their skin!
Click HERE to see my first ever BHUMI BRUSH SET 





Ok hold up. Chanel?? No way! I aint paying $50 for a crease brush! But you MUST!! You really must! The Chanel crease brush is my FAVOURITE-ST crease brush, to date! Its oh-so-soft and its just perfect!! It makes blending so effortless and it has this soft pointed tip so its perfect for really defining the eyes. I know people will shudder at the thought of spending so much on a brush when they can just buy a crease brush elsewhere. And then there are others who do love indulging in a luxe brush from Chanel. But its not just the crease brush! I have their eyeliner brush and its also my go-to eyeliner brush! Its short so its perfect to carry around, and it doesn’t warp into a funny explosion of bristles after you wash them! And I must add, the chanel duo fibre or stippling brush, is brilliant! Remember how I mentioned about the shitty Sigma stippling brush that has ‘leaked’ its colour? Well Ive had the Chanel duo fibre brush for over a year now and after every wash, it looks brand new! No shedding, no colour leak, its just totally value for your money!


Anyone and everyone knows MAC. And few years back when Sigma first launched, it received flak because it was basically a cheaper copy of MAC. I wont deny Im totally happy spending less money buying Sigma eye brushes rather than the exact same copies in MAC but then I guess karma hit me good with the Sigma face brushes! None of my MAC face brushes have had the colour leak on me so I guess at the end of the day, MAC really does a better job. So yes I will still buy SIGMA eye brushes but for face brushes, It’s an obvious win, MAC over Sigma, for sure.



I was super excited when one of my fav youtube gurus, the Pixiwoo sisters, launched their own brush line. Infact now, me and my fellow beauty bloggers are eagerly waiting for the launch of another youtube guru’s brush line..Wayne Goss!The real technique brushes are really made with a lot of thought put into it. I love how the pixiwoo sisters show you how you can use the brushes for multiple uses. Whilst I may use their blusher brush fro blush, pixiwoo sisters show you how you can use it for foundation! Ive always believed, a brush is never made for one use only! You can use them for so many functions, its just up to you, how you wanna use them. I have most of the brushes to date and love every single one… well except for their eyeliner brush which I found was just too thick for my liking. But other than that, Theyr face brushes are a must-have in my kit, and Ive never leave home without it!! I hope they come up with more eye brushes soon

  • Elena

    I like your blog, but to be honest this is a complete rubbish post as you just mention brands and not specific brushes! Anyone that knows anything about makeup knows that MAC brushes are good and so are chanel, please put more thought and effort into your posts…

    • Anonymous

      Firstly, you are ridiculously RUDE! Secondly, my blog entry clearly was aimed at the brands, and not the individual brushes. I have close to a hundred brushes, possibly more so Im not gng to go thru and label every single brush. If you watch my videos, you would see me mentioning my favourite brushes regularly. But right now, Imjust astounded by how bloody rude you are. Take your negativity elsewhere, PLEASE. Goodbye

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  • Laksh

    Hey, your post has been really informational. But, I was wondering, are ecotools brushes any good? Compared with the brushes above, how would they fare?