I cant believe its already Dec! How quickly did 2013 fly by?? I have to say though, that 2013 was definitely a year to remember for me. Filled with bittersweet memories. I lost my dearest Nani (maternal grandmother) in June this year, and till today, seeing her photos and videos on my phone, make me tear. But knowing that she is in a much better place, with my late grandfather, takes away most of the pain.
2013 was also the year I got featured on my first ever cover of a magazine! Granted it may not be a huge international magazine, but for me, it was just as great! Click HERE to see my feature on the cover of Singapore’s GLOW magazine. And aI also got featured in two more magazines after that. JUICE Singapore and CLEO Singapore. 2013 was also the year I picked up momentum on my instagram, Im ADDICTED to it if you cant tell, and reached 7000 followers. Follow me on instagram for many giveaways and more at @facesbysarah ♥



I have so many new favourite products I got introduced to in 2013 but Ive shortlisted them to my top 15 favourites!
In random order, I present to you, FacesBySarah’s 2013 Must Haves!



I just recently got introduced to these brushes and already they have become a huge hit with me! The brushes not only look incredibly pretty, but are also cruelty free and OMGGG so soft! I used it in one of my latest youtube tutorials and an instagram video, so check those out.
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



NEW SEPHORA Eyeshadows
The first time Sephora opened in Singapore few years back, I swatched their eyeshadows and found them totally disappointing. They were all gritty and had lousy payoff. So when the NEW and improved formulas came out this year, I was still not sure it would be any better. But I swatched them and they BLEW ME AWAY! I was sold! The colours are super pigmented, and so easy to blend!! I have  FOUR of their shades (should probably get more!!)and they already have hit pan because I use them so often on my bridal clients! SO AMAZING!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



NARS Satin Lip Pencils
Best thing ever! So ridiculously compact and the colours pack a punch! You can choose from nudes to pinks to reds. I have several shades already and they are perfect for on the go touch ups. Although honestly, they last really long and you barely would require any touch ups!
You can read more about my thoughts on itHERE



MAC ProLongWear Concealer
Currently one of my favourites, together with my usual LA GIRL PRO HD and NARS CREAMY Concealer but this ones takes the cake because you see minimal creasing. And I have fine lines under my eyes!! So its important for me to have a concealer that wont emphasize my already bad under eye lines. Coverage is full so you really just need a small dot each time.



TARTE Amazonian Clay Blush
Recently Tarte launched at Sephora Singapore and I just had to get the blusher! Ive heard so much about it and I have to say, whilst its not cheap in Singapore (SGD45), I still went ahead and got and Im glad I did. The colours are so pretty and they last all day. The best part about it is that it doesnt feel powdery on your face like most blushers do.
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



O-M-G! Best scent ever!!! Im not the sort of girl who likes girly, feminine scents. I like strong, musky, masculine scents so FREAK is the perfect perfume for me! It has such a strong seductive fragrance and not to mention a really sexy black bottle.
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



Okay I officially think all eyelash curlers need to be made like this. Seriously. With the S curler, you not only get a more precise grasp of the lashes, perfect for asian eyes, but I also find it curls 50% better than regular eyelash curlers. Forget about any other lash curler, honestly!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



MAYBELLINE Magnum Volum’ Express Mascara
Favourite!! I love mascara’s with a fat chubby brush,and this does the job. My lashes are so much more blacker, longer and not to mention more fuller! and it does help that they are cheetah prints on the tube 😀


BHUMI Brushes
One of my best investments this year. When people heard I paid over $200 for a set of bhumi brushes, they thought I was mad but almost a year later and the brushes are still in fantastic quality, and havent shed at all, and not to mention, they still feel soooo soft on the skin! I use the Genius Face Brush on my clients(inbetween washes ofcourse) and they ALWAYS mention how soft it feels on their skin! Score!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Said to be “neither lipstick or lipgloss”, this liquid lipstick, is a HUGE hit with me. If you follow me on instagram, you’d see me wearing this lip cream in almost every photo! My favourite is the nude shade STOCKHOLM! All their other shades are brilliant too and they last ALLLLL DAY!!!! Even after eating and drinking!


VDL Ready Action Pen Liner
VDL launched recently in Singapore and it has some of the most affordable yet great quality products!! My favourite, and I mean absolute favourite, is the pen liner. Reminds you of the MAC Penultimate liner, same concept of the felt tip nib, but the VDL liner is so much more BLACK and alot more budgeproof. I cant do without it!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



MAKE UP FOR EVER Sepia Blue Palette
The perfect palette for travelling! It has a whole bunch of nude/neutral shades that fit any skintone, and then there is this contrasting pop of GORGEOUS peacock turqoise shimmer shade! I did a look with this palette, so check my youtube video HERE for that. Also its super slim, so its great for travelling!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



LANCOME Mat Miracle Foundation
Im on my second bottle this year already! I use it daily and its just like a second skin! It has medium to full coverage, it has a matte finish, and best part, it DOESNT feel or look cakey at all! Im also very pleased to say they come in a variety of shades, unless some brands that only cater to the fairer skintones. Yay lancome!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme
Love this! I use it with an angled brush to fill in my brows and it has the most natural finish, and it stays put all day! I pespire alot around my brows, i know, weird. So this is perfect as its budgeproof and waterproof! Comes in several shades.


LOREAL Extraordinary Hair Oil
True to its name, this hair oil is my go-to, day and night. I normally am not a fan of serums or oils as I find they make my hair feel and look greasy! but not with the LOREAL Extraordinary Hair Oil. I apply two pumps from the mid shafts to ends of my hair and within seonds the hair absorbs the oil and you dotn feel any oily residue. Ive been using it regularly everyday and my bleached dry ends, feel ALOT more tamer and less frizzy with it
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



So I hope you all have a lovely 2013, and I look forward to a new year, filled with many more giveaways, beauty news, and colourful looks in 2014!

  • Michelle

    Ohhh! Totally agree with you on the Sephora eyeshadows, so amazing! Their matte shades are exceptional quality! Love your post Sarah, so many things i’d love to try! Is that MUFE palette still available? or was it LE?

    • Anonymous

      the mufe palette was LE indeed but you never know, you may still be able to find it 🙂