FacesBySarah Party

On 13th November, we threw a “FACESBYSARAH wants to thank YOU” party for all the fans. This was done because I felt I had to thank the people who have been showering me with immense love, support, and who helped me grow. My fanpage reached over 6000 fans in just a few months and I’ve been receiving non stop compliments from people all over the world! To me, that meant it was about time I gave back to my fans. And so I did.

We had a lovely Arabian themed party, complete with decorations, and games, prizes, food!
The fans were told that there would be a winner for best dressed and best arabian makeup and so everyone came dressed to impress! It was such a lovely sight seeing them all looking so gorgeous!
And meeting my fans for the first time in person, was one of the BEST feelings in the world! I finally got to thank the people who have been supporting me all this while.

Together with an amazin emcee who made everyone laugh from start till finish, and games and lucky draw with over $4000 worth of prizes that were given away, sponsored by the amazing sponsors!
Thank you to all the sponsors for their hard work, and contributions!

Here are some of the photos from the party. The rest of the photos(over 400!) can be found at my fanpage, click HERE.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, a huge sincere thank you going out to:
My family(and extended family) for helping out with the planning, the deco, the organizing, I love each and every one of you!

to Anjali, Anup, Adrian, Daryl for coming early to help out with the deco and staying all the way till the end, a good 10 hours!

My friends who came to render their support and love. Priya, Sid, you guys are ALWAYS there to support FacesBySarah, and I cannot thank you enough! Fernaz, thank you for ALL you have done with the event and the amazing basket of chocolates you personally made for my fans!

My lovely fellow beauty bloggers, seeing ALL of you there, totally touched my heart! You guys are an amazing bunch, and I feel we’re like one big happy Family!

To my sponsors, each and every one of you, THANK YOU for being so generous to my fans!

Hirzi, my emcee, I cannot thank you enough for your amazing enthusiasm! EVERYONE loved you!!

And last but definitely not the least, my fans, my supporters, who have touched me with their presence. Thank you for making time to come down to my event.

I hope you continue to support and love FaceSBySarah, and with the grace of God, we’ll continue to go far
Thank you