FacesBySarah as Watson 2011 Ambassador

I felt privelleged when I found out I was one of the selected few for Watson\’s 2011 Ambassadors.
Watsons has always been a store, I could never walk pass, without going in! I also always never seem to be able to walk out empty handed! something always catches my eye. Be it a new makeup collection(yes, they sell so many makeup brands!),or some hair product(im VERY particular about my hair n the products I use!) or simply to buy my essentials!

So what exactly does it mean for me to be an ambassador? Why am I so elated??
Well simply because I love Watsons, and anything to do with Watsons! and being an ambassador means I get to sample new products and give you my first hand opinion on them! I get to try out products I never thought Id try! and best part, I get to share with you my honest reviews and opinions on these products.
Disclaimer: Being an ambassador may mean alot but I that wont stop me from telling the truth about a product. If I like it, think its amazing, worth the money, then you bet I\’m gonna be raving crazily about it in my blogs and facebook and youtube!


So anyways, here are some photo\’s of our first get together for the Watson 2011 Ambassadors.

A whole range of beauty/skincare products that I never knew existed!! and Ive already started using some of em and loving em so far! but i will continue to use em for a while before i blog about it 🙂