EVENT INVITE: Loreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara

I was invited to check out Loreal’s new Curl Impact Collagene Mascara, recently. It was a lovely and cozy event.

The new mascara by Loreal boasts THIRTEEN TIMES MORE volume, and this always excites me as I feel my lashes are already long enough but you can NEVER go wrong with extra volume!

Another unique feature about this mascara is that its mascara wand has TWO different sides!

The FIRST thing I recall about the mascara, was when the presenter mentioned: “You can throw away your eyelash curlers once you have this mascara!” Thats because this new product will ensure your lashes stay curled, through out the day! I decided to put the mascara to the test and so I tried using the mascara, without an eyelash curler…something I NEVER EVER do cuz there’s no point in applying thick coats of mascara if your lashes are not even curled up nicely!

And there you have it!
Without an eye lash curler, the curl lasted through out the day, and my lashes were more thicker and longer.

Any product that takes away an additional step, is a BONUS, if you ask me!
You can get your hands on this amazing mascara at WATSONS and other LOREAL counters