Defined brows using INGLOT

Your eyebrows, just like your hair, frames your face. Its important for everyone to have groomed brows. When I say groomed, I dont necessarily mean thin, high arched brows.
For me, I go threading regularly to get rid of any stray hairs, and to mantain the shape of my brows. But sometimes, the only way you can get that defined brow shape, is with makeup!


In this entry, you’ll see how EASY and effortless it is to DEFINE your brows.
Im using my new INGLOT BROW POWDER and INGLOT BROW WAX that I bought from

Do note that you cannot buy them in the palette like this. I bought the empty 5-pan palette, and picked out TWO brow wax and THREE brow powders to put into the palette





Brow wax is generally not as opaque so dont worry if you feel the shade is too dark. The wax will not only help the brow powder to stay on longer, but also will keep your brow hair in place!
I prefer DARK brows so I opted for a dark brown wax



Using an angled brush, Just fill in your brows. Its also good to use the WAX to create the shape of the brows you want. Helps you as a guide



Then dip your brush onto the brow POWDER and fill in your brows, going over the WAX outline you have created. Dont forget you need to fill in the brows, not just create an outline.
Also, eventhough we have BLACK hairs, its always a better option to go for DARK BROWNS as black will appear TOO HARSH!



and VOILA! See how easy and fuss-free that was 🙂




  • rita

    Bravoooo !!!!

  • Jess

    I love how you define your brows! Love your tutorials n blog! May I know where can I get the inglot brow magic that you are using in singapore?

    • Anonymous

      inglot is not available here in singapore. Either buy it from the website
      I listed or the nearest is Malaysia (Kl, and soon at JB)
      Check INGLOT ASIA on fb for details

  • Layla

    your eyebrows are so beautiful on their own, brow make-up just perfects the look.