Ive honestly never been a huge fan of applying foundation wth a brush. Infact even till today, I prefer using a sponge, rather than a brush. But i think thats mainly because most of my foundations are CREAM foundations so they work best with a sponge. But lately when I started using the Mirenesse Flawless Revolution Skin Perfector fundation, I began using a foundation brush again. And when I say foundation brush, I DO NOT mean the FLAT brushes. No way! I find such brushes, leave streaks and dont blend out foundation as well. So I started using my REAL TECHNIQUES Buffing Brush. What a BRILLIANT brush that was! I say “WAS” because it died on me recently 🙁
It was working SO WELL for over a year, even before I started using Mirenesse liquid foundation. But then suddenly,… after what I think was one too many washes, some of bristles/hair just fell out. I was sad and wanted to order a new one but then I was out shopping when I saw the Chanel foundation brush and fell in love with how soft it was!




Ive been using this for close to two months now and after several washes, The brush hasnt shed any hair. Its so easy to use because ths brush isnt TOO STIFF. I apply some liquid foundation to the back of my hand then pick up some with this brush and buf it into the skin. It fans out nicely, but still retains its shape after each wash. Seriously, super happy with it.



Loving the flawless finish, you get with this buffing brush ♥




It retails for SGD72, which I think is very reasonable for a high end brand. The other chanel brush I have is their crease brush and its one of the B-E-S-T crease brushes Ive ever used! Honestly, its so soft, yet still so firm, and the bristles have never shed, even after countless washes.

Gotta LOVE Chanel brushes! ♥

  • Nirvana_pravda

    Hi Sarah, where did you buy the brush from? I’ve tried looking for it at so many places.

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  • MereMakeupManiac

    do you also own a MAC 187? if you do, pls share how it fares with Chanel’s.