Changi Airport’s FABULOUS FRIDAYS!

Changi Airport has been a familiar sight for me, ever since I was a little girl. My daddy\’s a pilot and I fondly remember the days my mummy would bring us to the airport and wait for daddy to come through those glass doors, looking sharp in his Pilot uniform.

But earlier this week, I got to learn SO MUCH more about Changi Airport! Normally when we take a flight, we check in about an hour earlier, do some shopping in Duty Free and then head straight to our flights. Infact sometimes when Im flying, I have just enough time to check in and walk straight to the gates.
But ever wondered what people in transit would do? Or if your flight got an hour or more delayed?
Would you be bored to death? Hell no!

5 of us bloggers were given a PRIVATE tour throughout the TRANSIT AREAS of Terminal 1, 2, and 3 of Changi Airport and we not only learnt so much more abt the place, but got to SHOPPPPP without the usual 7% GST! WOOHOO!!

Did you know that Changi Airport has over 300 retail and service outlets available for passengers?? Apart from the crazy amount of shops, or restaurants, there\’s even FIVE gardens inside the terminals, more than 500 free internet stations, Fish Spa & Reflexology, a mini Movie Theatre, HardRock Cafe, a ROOFTOP SWIMMING POOL, and so much more! I was blown away to know how advanced out Airoport is, and they really do cater to the needs of the passengers!


But what about the rest of us who are NOT FLYING?? Do we still get to enjoy GST-ABSORBED shopping??
YES WE DO! even if you\’re not flying,
you can still purchase items at the public area, at 7% cheaper!

Do you still need more reasons WHY you should shop at Changi Airport\’s PERFUMES&COSMETICS outlets??
– Prices are up to 40% CHEAPER than the prices downtown
– You get TRAVEL SIZED products for various brands/products
– They bring in the VERY BEST in beauty to consumers, with
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for customers who are not satisfied with their purchases at Changi Airport
– Changi Airport prices are GUARANTEED to be no higher than off-airport outlets such as departmental stores and popular downtown malls. If an item at Changi Airport is more expensive at any of the comparable outlets, simply present your receipt and you will get a REFUND at TWICE THE PRICE DIFFERENCE
– The Changi Rewards Programme rewards shoppers and diners at Changi Airport with every minimum $10 spent, which can then be redeemed for Changi Airport Dollar Vouchers
(Check for more details)



Check out the brilliant array of cosmetics inside Changi Airport\’s transit area:

YES!! Bath&Bodyworks is available in Singapore\’s Changi Airport now!




Victoria\’s Secret has a huge range of goodies!



Check out all the travel sized/travel packs that you dont get to see at regular downtown counters:









Still need more reason to shop at Changi Airport\’s Perfumes & Cosmetics outlets??

Well Changi Airport is currently holding their “FABULOUS FRIDAYS” to commemorate their 30th Anniversary! 30 weeks ofGreat SHOPPING DEALS featuring weekly deals at INCREDIBLE BARGAINS!

Check out whats for sale for the month of JULY 2011:





on 1st July: SKII Cellumination Serum at S$156.80 (U.P:$224)


on 8th July: LANCOME Trio JuicyTube Collection at S$56.70 (U.P:$81)


on 15th July: LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack at S$28.35 (U.P:$40.50)


on 22nd July: CALVIN KLEIN Eternity Aqua EDT at S$65.80 (U.P:$94)



With all that said, I did some shopping of my own, when ChangiAirport allowed us into the TRANSIT AREA of our three Terminals!


oh and we were treated to a lovely Fish Spa experience too! Did you know that REFRESH BODYWORKS Fish Spa & Reflexology are SUPER generous to passengers? The rate would be $22 for 20mins BUT if the passengers still have time before their flight and wanna stay on, they CAN, at NO ADDITIONAL COST! They even are welcome to nap for a while inside the reflexology rooms! It cant get any better than this!


I think during my next flight out, Im gonna about 2 -3 hours earlier ad just pamper myself with all the shopping and treats, before I fly off!


To find out more on ChangiAirport and its rewards programme, click HERE