NEW + TUTORIAL: Lancome Brow Pencil Duo

Lancome recently launched their very own brow pencil duo, Le Sourcil Pro.


A double ended pencil that guarantees a natural brow-line thanks to its coloured tip which delicately redefines the body of the brow, while its highlighter tip enhances and beautifies the arch.

Available in FOUR shades, to cater to the various hair colours, and/or your own style

















Start off with clean brows, and using light strokes, feather in the darker shade of your pencil, to either fill in your brows, or to create a better shape.







Next, use the lighter side, the highlighter, to outline below the brows, so as yo define the brow shape better.







Finally, blend it out with your fingers or a brush





Available in Singapore from 1st April 2014,  SGD33



I cant believe its already Dec! How quickly did 2013 fly by?? I have to say though, that 2013 was definitely a year to remember for me. Filled with bittersweet memories. I lost my dearest Nani (maternal grandmother) in June this year, and till today, seeing her photos and videos on my phone, make me tear. But knowing that she is in a much better place, with my late grandfather, takes away most of the pain.
2013 was also the year I got featured on my first ever cover of a magazine! Granted it may not be a huge international magazine, but for me, it was just as great! Click HERE to see my feature on the cover of Singapore’s GLOW magazine. And aI also got featured in two more magazines after that. JUICE Singapore and CLEO Singapore. 2013 was also the year I picked up momentum on my instagram, Im ADDICTED to it if you cant tell, and reached 7000 followers. Follow me on instagram for many giveaways and more at @facesbysarah ♥



I have so many new favourite products I got introduced to in 2013 but Ive shortlisted them to my top 15 favourites!
In random order, I present to you, FacesBySarah’s 2013 Must Haves!



I just recently got introduced to these brushes and already they have become a huge hit with me! The brushes not only look incredibly pretty, but are also cruelty free and OMGGG so soft! I used it in one of my latest youtube tutorials and an instagram video, so check those out.
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



NEW SEPHORA Eyeshadows
The first time Sephora opened in Singapore few years back, I swatched their eyeshadows and found them totally disappointing. They were all gritty and had lousy payoff. So when the NEW and improved formulas came out this year, I was still not sure it would be any better. But I swatched them and they BLEW ME AWAY! I was sold! The colours are super pigmented, and so easy to blend!! I have  FOUR of their shades (should probably get more!!)and they already have hit pan because I use them so often on my bridal clients! SO AMAZING!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



NARS Satin Lip Pencils
Best thing ever! So ridiculously compact and the colours pack a punch! You can choose from nudes to pinks to reds. I have several shades already and they are perfect for on the go touch ups. Although honestly, they last really long and you barely would require any touch ups!
You can read more about my thoughts on itHERE



MAC ProLongWear Concealer
Currently one of my favourites, together with my usual LA GIRL PRO HD and NARS CREAMY Concealer but this ones takes the cake because you see minimal creasing. And I have fine lines under my eyes!! So its important for me to have a concealer that wont emphasize my already bad under eye lines. Coverage is full so you really just need a small dot each time.



TARTE Amazonian Clay Blush
Recently Tarte launched at Sephora Singapore and I just had to get the blusher! Ive heard so much about it and I have to say, whilst its not cheap in Singapore (SGD45), I still went ahead and got and Im glad I did. The colours are so pretty and they last all day. The best part about it is that it doesnt feel powdery on your face like most blushers do.
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



O-M-G! Best scent ever!!! Im not the sort of girl who likes girly, feminine scents. I like strong, musky, masculine scents so FREAK is the perfect perfume for me! It has such a strong seductive fragrance and not to mention a really sexy black bottle.
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



Okay I officially think all eyelash curlers need to be made like this. Seriously. With the S curler, you not only get a more precise grasp of the lashes, perfect for asian eyes, but I also find it curls 50% better than regular eyelash curlers. Forget about any other lash curler, honestly!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



MAYBELLINE Magnum Volum’ Express Mascara
Favourite!! I love mascara’s with a fat chubby brush,and this does the job. My lashes are so much more blacker, longer and not to mention more fuller! and it does help that they are cheetah prints on the tube 😀


BHUMI Brushes
One of my best investments this year. When people heard I paid over $200 for a set of bhumi brushes, they thought I was mad but almost a year later and the brushes are still in fantastic quality, and havent shed at all, and not to mention, they still feel soooo soft on the skin! I use the Genius Face Brush on my clients(inbetween washes ofcourse) and they ALWAYS mention how soft it feels on their skin! Score!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Said to be “neither lipstick or lipgloss”, this liquid lipstick, is a HUGE hit with me. If you follow me on instagram, you’d see me wearing this lip cream in almost every photo! My favourite is the nude shade STOCKHOLM! All their other shades are brilliant too and they last ALLLLL DAY!!!! Even after eating and drinking!


VDL Ready Action Pen Liner
VDL launched recently in Singapore and it has some of the most affordable yet great quality products!! My favourite, and I mean absolute favourite, is the pen liner. Reminds you of the MAC Penultimate liner, same concept of the felt tip nib, but the VDL liner is so much more BLACK and alot more budgeproof. I cant do without it!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



MAKE UP FOR EVER Sepia Blue Palette
The perfect palette for travelling! It has a whole bunch of nude/neutral shades that fit any skintone, and then there is this contrasting pop of GORGEOUS peacock turqoise shimmer shade! I did a look with this palette, so check my youtube video HERE for that. Also its super slim, so its great for travelling!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



LANCOME Mat Miracle Foundation
Im on my second bottle this year already! I use it daily and its just like a second skin! It has medium to full coverage, it has a matte finish, and best part, it DOESNT feel or look cakey at all! Im also very pleased to say they come in a variety of shades, unless some brands that only cater to the fairer skintones. Yay lancome!
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme
Love this! I use it with an angled brush to fill in my brows and it has the most natural finish, and it stays put all day! I pespire alot around my brows, i know, weird. So this is perfect as its budgeproof and waterproof! Comes in several shades.


LOREAL Extraordinary Hair Oil
True to its name, this hair oil is my go-to, day and night. I normally am not a fan of serums or oils as I find they make my hair feel and look greasy! but not with the LOREAL Extraordinary Hair Oil. I apply two pumps from the mid shafts to ends of my hair and within seonds the hair absorbs the oil and you dotn feel any oily residue. Ive been using it regularly everyday and my bleached dry ends, feel ALOT more tamer and less frizzy with it
You can read more about my thoughts on it HERE



So I hope you all have a lovely 2013, and I look forward to a new year, filled with many more giveaways, beauty news, and colourful looks in 2014!

FacesBySarah’s highly recommended BRUSHES

“You can never have too many brushes”
That’s the first thing I say, anytime anyone sees my brushes and go “wah so many ah!” 😀


But honestly, I think I have a lot of brushes for TWO reasons. First one being , career related. When I have like 3-4 back to back appointments, I don’t have time to thoroughly wash my brushes, so having like.. eleven crease brushes really works to my advantage! I put my ‘used’ brushes in a pouch and use the remaining clean brushes on the next client. Makes things a lot easier for me. Then when I head home, I wash and sanitize all the ‘used’ brushes, at one shot!

The second reason why I have a lot of brushes? Uhhh, I LOVE brushes? No really though, I do! I love a good fluffy crease brush, I love a good flat brush for contouring, a good angled face brush to give you a chiselled jawline! I really do love buying brushes!
So today I figured I’d do a lil entry dedicated to my favourite brush brands.
now DO bear in mind that these are not the ONLY brands that I own, I do own some other totally brandless ones, but they are infact brandless(no brand, just under $5 but bought at random stores worldwide) and work just as fine.

These are just the brands that I purchase some or many of my brushes from and just LOVE them to bits, so I hope you do too!





Sigma has been around for a while and I must explain that I do have a love hate relationship with Sigma! You see, I simply adore their eye brushes, best brushes ever! But I have slowly started to HATE their face brushes. I recently posted a pic on instagram (click HERE) showing how after I washed one of my black bristled face brush from Sigma, after drying it for a few hours, it was still a lil damp(that’s not the probem), but when I held the bristles in my hand, the black colouring transferred onto my hands!! I was bloody lucky, if you ask me! Imagine if I had attemped to powder my clients face with that brush! Ugh! I threw it out immediately! No salvaging that brush. And I thought that was the last of it but today as I washed and dried another sigma face brush, the same thing happened! Except this was a duo fibre brush, for stippling, and the white part , well slowly became grey cuz of the black colour mixing I suppose. And It realy just pissed the crap out of me cuz Ive got other duo fibre brushes that Ive had for longer, and DON’T make that mess! So yes, I love and adore Sigma eye brushes but Im never buying their face brushes again
Click HERE to see my step by step tutorial using SIGMA Brushes 


I officially have a crush on these brushes. No seriously, from the moment I got them, its been my absolute FAV brushes to go to! Now I do have to admit its pretty pricey, I paid about SGD237 for a set of 12 brushes. But when you do the math, it adds up to less than $20 per brush! And ifyou DO shop in Singapore, you’d know that MOST MAC brushes already start from $20+ so it really isn’t so bad spending that much on the bhumi brushes. Plus have I told you how much I love them? The Bhumi brushes are not made from animal hairs as Bhumi feels brushes made from animal hair deteriorate faster. And the best part about Bhumi brushes?? You know how when you wash your brushes, you then need to use a brush guard so it retains its shape? You don’t have to use brush guards for Bhumi brushes! For real! They dry and restore to its original shape without the brush guard! They are also sooooooo soft, everytime I use my Bhumi powder brush on a client, They always comment how soft it feels on their skin!
Click HERE to see my first ever BHUMI BRUSH SET 





Ok hold up. Chanel?? No way! I aint paying $50 for a crease brush! But you MUST!! You really must! The Chanel crease brush is my FAVOURITE-ST crease brush, to date! Its oh-so-soft and its just perfect!! It makes blending so effortless and it has this soft pointed tip so its perfect for really defining the eyes. I know people will shudder at the thought of spending so much on a brush when they can just buy a crease brush elsewhere. And then there are others who do love indulging in a luxe brush from Chanel. But its not just the crease brush! I have their eyeliner brush and its also my go-to eyeliner brush! Its short so its perfect to carry around, and it doesn’t warp into a funny explosion of bristles after you wash them! And I must add, the chanel duo fibre or stippling brush, is brilliant! Remember how I mentioned about the shitty Sigma stippling brush that has ‘leaked’ its colour? Well Ive had the Chanel duo fibre brush for over a year now and after every wash, it looks brand new! No shedding, no colour leak, its just totally value for your money!


Anyone and everyone knows MAC. And few years back when Sigma first launched, it received flak because it was basically a cheaper copy of MAC. I wont deny Im totally happy spending less money buying Sigma eye brushes rather than the exact same copies in MAC but then I guess karma hit me good with the Sigma face brushes! None of my MAC face brushes have had the colour leak on me so I guess at the end of the day, MAC really does a better job. So yes I will still buy SIGMA eye brushes but for face brushes, It’s an obvious win, MAC over Sigma, for sure.



I was super excited when one of my fav youtube gurus, the Pixiwoo sisters, launched their own brush line. Infact now, me and my fellow beauty bloggers are eagerly waiting for the launch of another youtube guru’s brush line..Wayne Goss!The real technique brushes are really made with a lot of thought put into it. I love how the pixiwoo sisters show you how you can use the brushes for multiple uses. Whilst I may use their blusher brush fro blush, pixiwoo sisters show you how you can use it for foundation! Ive always believed, a brush is never made for one use only! You can use them for so many functions, its just up to you, how you wanna use them. I have most of the brushes to date and love every single one… well except for their eyeliner brush which I found was just too thick for my liking. But other than that, Theyr face brushes are a must-have in my kit, and Ive never leave home without it!! I hope they come up with more eye brushes soon

TOP 10 Favourite Highlighters

If there’s one thing I love on a face, its a healthy GLOW! Im not a fan of matte, flat skin. Well when I say that, I dont mean I want oily skin either! 😀 I obviously want my skin matte BUT I feel your skin should always have a glow on your cheekbones (and other prominent features) to really stand out.
Ive been a huge fan of highlighters, since I can started on makeup! Whilst ‘shiny’ cheekbones might not be for everyone, I personally LOVE IT! If you are conscious about your skin already looking oily naturally then you might want to skip the highlighters. But the whole dewy look is definitely lovely especially on brides! 🙂
When I say highlighter, I dont mean the boring matte ones!(Those work well too but this is just my preference) Im crazy over the shimmery ones. Those that leave a stunning irridescent sheen on your cheeks!

In this entry I will be sharing with you my TOP TEN picks for my favourite highlighters and some photos of how it looks on some of my bridal clients 🙂

In case you’re wondering “HOW DO I APPLY HIGHLIGHTER TO MY FACE?” I personally prefer to apply it only to the high points on the face, and/or  features that you want to make more  prominent. For myself, I always apply highlighter only to my cheekbones.
SMILE and apply it lightly to the highest points of your cheek(blusher goes below). For other people, it depends on their features. Cheekbones are a must for most people. Also the nose bridge is a favourite with many. I personally avoid that area because… well because my nose is very long already! 🙁 Hahaha okay moving on, my dearies! You can also apply highlight to your collarbone if you want them to stand out and sometimes, to your cupidbow(the top curved part of your lips) and just below your lower lip, to give the illusion of fuller lips!

Choosing the right highlighter is also crucial. Dont pick one that is TOO WHITE if you’re tanned cuz then it will either appear too stark on your face or it will end up looking greyish after a while. If you’re fair, avoid highlighters that are too warm for you unless you prefer the bronzed up /sun-kissed look 🙂

Here are my top ten favourite highlighters(in random order):




INGLOT AMC Face&Body Illuminator (#61)



MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (REDHEAD)


ELIZABETH ARDEN Pure Finish Highlighter (ROSE)


LANCOME LaRoseraie Illuminating Powder


THE BALM (Mary-Loumanizer)




MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (Lightscapade)


Clé De Peau Beaute Palette (Vintage II)


MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush (Trace Gold)


INGLOT Highlighting Powder


MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Whisper of Gilt & Glorify)


Here are some of my work on my bridal clients (MAKEUP ONLY), and you can see how the various highlighters look on various skintones:

(MAC “Whisper of Gilt” Extra Dimension Skinfinish)

(MAC “Glorify” Extra Dimension Skinfinish)

MAC “Redhead” Mineralize Skinfinish

Elizabeth Arden “ROSE” Pure Finish Highlighter

You can view more of my bridal works HERE

HOW TO: Quick tutorial with MUFE Aqua Shadow

MakeupForever’s new AQUASHADOWS have very quicky become a ‘must-have-everyday-item’ for me! ESPECIALLY the black, seeing how black is such a staple for us. and I also wear the green shade out ALOT cuz its such a gorgeous colour(on ANY skintone, I must add!) and SO SO SO easy to wear!
Ive been getting several people asking me what Im using whenev I wear out the green so I figured Id do this blog post! 🙂
Here’s how I create my quick and easy look in just a couple of minutes!





Start with a clean eye. Do note that the AquaShadows are super smudgeproof and waterproof and wwill stay on ALL DAY. I did not use an eyeshadow primer AT ALL for this look. Just dust on some loose powder onto your eyelids to absorb any oils and start applying the aquashadows and it stays put ALL DAY. ♥!









(work fast, smudge it immediately after your apply because if you wait , it will set and you cant smudge it after)
























Do the rest of your makeup(fill in brows, apply mascara, etc)



The NEW MakeupForever Aqua Shadow pencils, are available at Sephora (and the PRO Store @ OneRafflesPlace) from June 7th!

VIDEO: Whats in my Professional Kit

This was much requested after I posted my previous video on how I organized my makeup.
So here’s a look at whats in my professional Kit:

Defined brows using INGLOT

Your eyebrows, just like your hair, frames your face. Its important for everyone to have groomed brows. When I say groomed, I dont necessarily mean thin, high arched brows.
For me, I go threading regularly to get rid of any stray hairs, and to mantain the shape of my brows. But sometimes, the only way you can get that defined brow shape, is with makeup!


In this entry, you’ll see how EASY and effortless it is to DEFINE your brows.
Im using my new INGLOT BROW POWDER and INGLOT BROW WAX that I bought from

Do note that you cannot buy them in the palette like this. I bought the empty 5-pan palette, and picked out TWO brow wax and THREE brow powders to put into the palette





Brow wax is generally not as opaque so dont worry if you feel the shade is too dark. The wax will not only help the brow powder to stay on longer, but also will keep your brow hair in place!
I prefer DARK brows so I opted for a dark brown wax



Using an angled brush, Just fill in your brows. Its also good to use the WAX to create the shape of the brows you want. Helps you as a guide



Then dip your brush onto the brow POWDER and fill in your brows, going over the WAX outline you have created. Dont forget you need to fill in the brows, not just create an outline.
Also, eventhough we have BLACK hairs, its always a better option to go for DARK BROWNS as black will appear TOO HARSH!



and VOILA! See how easy and fuss-free that was 🙂




Favourite new products of 2011

As we bid farewell to the year 2011, I want to list a couple of my favourite products that I started using in 2011 and will most definitely continue to use in 2012!

The items are mentioned, in random order





I just blogged about this recently and its a STAPLE right now! Few of my other makeupartist friends also were so intrigued by it when I showed it to them,that they went out to buy it too! I love this! I really do! For several reasons. Apart from being a moisturiser for even sensitive skin, it also works as a makeup base.
For more details on this, read my blog entry HERE

CHANEL ILLUSION D’OMBRE Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadows

Ok I probably dont blog about this enough but this is by far my BEST purchase of 2011! SERIOUSLY!! Without fail, everytime I wear this out, I have atleats one person asking me what Im using cuz it has such a GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSS sparkle! I even made my bestfriend rush to the chanel counters and buy TWO cuz its SO PRETTY! and It may seem pretty expensive cuz its from Chanel but honestly, Ive been using it for MONTHS now and it has barely dipped! A tiny amount goes a LONG way and I must say this is a complete MUST-HAVE for anyone!
For more details and swatches, read my blog entry HERE





This was initially bought on a whim cuz Iliked the packaging but has now become one of my favs. Its still CRAZILY priced in Singapore at S$20.90 butyou can get it online for like just a couple of USD! Ok back to the mascara.. I LOVE IT! ♥
For more details, read my blog entry HERE




I think the man reason why I totally love this is because its DIRT CHEAP! A good pencil liner normally costs you $12 onwards but this waterproof and smudgeproof liner, costs less than S$5! I kid you not! I used it on few days back and it stayed on through out! No smudges! If you have oily skin, Id always encourage a little loose powder on your eyelids first before using any pencil or liquid liners.
For more photos, read my blog entry HERE





I actually first used this in Perth. On my first day in Perth, I wokeup with a horrible tight feeling to my skin because it was a sudden drastic change in temperature. Was about 5 degree’s! I was staying at my bestfriends place and I complained to her about how DRY my skin felt and she asked me what creams I used and I gave her a blank stare…. Ive never been one to use moisturises etc! So she went straight to her cabinet and took out this tub of goodness and told me to start using it. And yes, from then on, this has been my go-to moisturiser. I apply it every day BEFORE I apply any makeup. and Ive already used up one tub and am onto my second because I enjoy the richness it has. and Im glad my bestfriend made me start using this cuz in the long run, I know, it will help my skin ♥




CHANEL Crease Brush

OH SO SOFTTTTTTT! seriously, I have well over 20 crease brushes but this is the SOFTEST and even after washing several times, it doesnt get dry, the bristles dont get poky! I love this. If it wasnt so ex, Id buy more!
For more photos, read my blog entry HERE




Probably one of the best drugstore foundations Ive used..and LOVED. It provides a nice medium coverage and it doesnt look washed out or dull, after a few hours. Ive been using this for a few months now and it hasnt showed any signs of finishing. I like the fact that it comes with a brush, because its convenient AND ALSO because you will not OVER APPLY. The brush always absorbs any excess.
For BEFORE&AFTER photos, read my blog entry HERE




I first ordered these online from many months back and its been a huge hit with many of my clients as it really conceals the darkest dark circles! and the best part was that its SO CHEAP, about USD3 each! But recently it launched in Singapore and is available at Selected SASA outlets, retailing at S$9. They didnt bring in the whole range of shades tho. I got all my shades from and I suggest you do too!
For more photos, read my blog entry HERE





Got this from PRICELINE, in Perth. LOVE this highlighter on the cheekbones! Totally gives a gorgeous glow! We dont have this brand in Singapore.
For more photos, read my blog entry HERE





A super cheap brand from PERTH also. I love this like crazy! it has such intense , rich colour payoff, and looks absolutely fab on tanned or darker skin. GLOWY !
For more photos, read my blog entry HERE





When Sigma sent me this kit, I was thrilled! I was dying to try out more of Sigma’s brushes and this kit, totally made me a convert. I dont have ANY complains(so far) about the brushes. They dont shed on me. They are super soft. They do a brilliant job!
For more photos, read my blog entry HERE




Elizabeth Arden sent me a sample of these capsules and after they finished, I felt a slight difference in my under eyes. My lines were not as deep the next day. Though still very much there, I felt a difference. So I purchased a whole box of it myself and have been using it religiously each night. I see a slight difference in my under eye fine lines and hope to see even more difference once the whole box is finished!



and from the bottom of my heart, a heartfelt THANKYOU to everyone for the amazing support! I hope to share more beauty goodness with you in the upcoming year!


How I came across this, was purely coincidental! I was at Robinsons with my cousin, helping her look for a moisturiser that was “oil-Free”. We came across EUCERIN and the lovely sales lady showed us few options. What totally grabbed my attention was the EUCERIN DERMOPURIFYER HYDRATING CARE





What does this do?
Well basically, Im sure many of you are already aware of this skincare line EUCERIN. Its a hit with many and isnt too expensive. You can find it at most pharmacies, drugstores and departmental stores too. This particular line DERMOPURIFYER, was created to fight the 4 key factors of blemished skin:


and the BEST part of this product, is that its said to be an IDEAL MAKEUP BASE!
and I put it to the test! Over the past week, I used it on myself as well as clients (Yes I bought two bottles). I found it REALLy did help my makeup stay fresh through out the day and even one of my brides sent me an sms the next day, thanking me for the makeup and saying the makeup lasted all night! (I posted a screenshot of that sms on my twitter too!)

I love love LOVE the feeling of this product on my skin! Its quick absorbing and doesnt feel oily at all! Infact, once you rub it gently into your skin, give it 30 seconds and you can see your skin looking a lil matte already.

Now, just like the MUFE ALLMAT primer, no product can make your skin 100% matte. At most, it just helps your skin look less oily. and I do see my skin looking more fresh and mattified, when I use this product.

and whats another GREAT point abt this product?
Its not makeup, but its a SKIN CARE product. Overtime, you will see improvements in your skin, and its said to “DIMINISH SKIN’S BLEMISHES” and “DECREASES SEBUM PRODUCTION” as well as “REDUCING OIL SHINE WITH ITS MATTIFYING PARTICLES

Need ONE MORE final reason to get this?
It costs less than SGD30!

If you were to ask me which is better, ALLMAT or EUCERIN? Id say I would choose Eucerin because in the long run, I know it will help improve my skin too. Whilst I DO use the Eucerin on my under eyes, I find that MUFE ALLMAT works even better for the under eyes. But if you dont have horrible fine lines like mine, then yes, the Eucerin is perfect and can be applied under your eyes as well 🙂

You can find Eucerin at various places, I got mine from ROBINSONS at Centrepoint

Hope this helps

FacesBySarah’s FAVOURITE Mascaras


I dont know about you, but I couldnt leave the house without mascara on! (and yea concealer!)
Infact, mascaras should be everyones must-have item! When you curl your lashes and apply mascara, it totally opens your eyes and who doesnt love having thick fluttering lashes??
I know I DO! and I dont mean with the help of fake lashes. I dont know how some girls have the effort and PATIENCE to apply fake lashes every morning, but mascara’s are the quicker way for me.




Here are my 5 favourite and highly recommended mascaras:
(in random order)