Before & After: MarcAnthony Instantly Thick Blow out Lotion

I recently blogged about attending the private showcase for MARC ANTHONY HairCare products.
You can see more pics, and learn more about the products here: 



So I tried out one of their products few days back! The INSTANTLY THICK FULL BLOW OUT LOTION, and i LOVED it!




Start off with lifeless, flat hair (excuse the face, i didnt have makeup on!)




Your hair should be a lil damp, I had wahsed my hair the night before, so i spritzed water all over my crown area, inside out.
Take a dollop of the INSTANTLY THICK FULL BLOW OUT LOTION, a round brush, and blow dry your hair, from root to tip!




The result??? FULLER , THICKER looking hair! My hair looked BIGGER!!! and im a huge fan of BIG hair!



I event went out with my friends and by the end of the day, you can see my hair was still looking VOLUMNIOUS, not flat at all!

Marc Anthony HairCare products will be available in Watsons, come JUNE 14th