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Thushaa is a lovely young lady from Toronto, and just like most girls out there, she’s aspiring to be a professional makeup artist some day. She’s a member of my Facebook “Sassychix Makeup” Group and recently left me a message asking if she could feature me in her beauty blog. Thushaa, if you’re reading this, I’m truly flattered 🙂

Thushaa did a mini interview with me and will be posting it up on her beauty blog soon. Currently, she has featured another young lady passionate about makeup.
(Read more: http://believe-beauty.blogspot.com/)
and she mentions this in the end of that entry:

That is all for today folks!
Hope you guys enjoy this new addition to my blog!
To all my Singaporeans out there, watch out for Fridays’ post!
I have a interview with an unbelieveably talented makeup artist located in Singapore!
– Thushaa

Check out Thushaa’s beauty blog: http://believe-beauty.blogspot.com/
Her blog is still pretty new but give it time and I guarantee it will be filled with tips and tricks of makeup. She already has a tutorial up for smokey eyes!
Thushaa may be an aspiring makeup artist but just like I told her, she definitely has the talent and passion. And in no time, she will make it big 🙂To all you lovely ladies out there, young or old.. Passion has NO age limit! If whatever you do makes you feel happy, then do it.
Life’s way too short for regrets.
All you really need is a lil faith in yourself, to get yourself out there and pursue your dreams.