Giving a talk on Makeup at “Aurat! 2008” Women’s Retreat

“Aurat! 2008 – Because Kaur Is More!”
Last weekend, the group Aurat, set out to create a 3 day long retreat for women all over Singapore. It was held at Changi Fairy Point Chalet and apart from the fun filled games, and motivational talks, I was very honoured to be asked to give a crashcourse on Makeup.
With my dear friend Sid, as my model, I set out to explain to the ladies there, the basics of makeup.

The room was filled with “oooh”s and “aahhh”. That made me smile, knowing I had imparted my knowledge to the ladies there. They had tonnes of questions which was rather good and not only did I answer them alone, but others’ gave their feedback and suggestions too.

It was indeed an amazing experience for me

Thank you guys for having me 🙂