Shabir’s Music Video Shooting

I cant believe what is happening!
Before i met anjali yesterday, i was at work when i got a phone call. Remember one of my previous entries abt Fazila, my close friend frm Pri/Sec School? (ms vasantham one) callin abt makeup? So it seems the HEAD MAKE UP ARTIST of MEDIACORP needed help for some function and fazila happily gave my name n number. So imagine my shock when i got a call yesterday from the lady. So told me she needed my help for a shoot Vasantham Central was doing for Deepavali and i would get paid for my work. I said YES! nt for the money,. bt for the once in a lifetime experience.Then she broke my heart by saying i had to meet her at 630am at Mediacorp!…Goodbye sleep..she also asked me to bring another friend who could hep with the makeup so i asked mizah cuz i know frm class that she’ one of the good ones. So mummy sent me today morning, lugging with my huge cosmetic box and i wanted for the HeadMakeupArtist, Rehan to come. She then took me to exchange my IC for the pass and took me upstairs to set up my stuff. thats when mizah tells us she FORGOT to bring her ic!! She couldnt enter.. poor chap had to go i went upstairs.. and thats when i got the 2nd shock!I WAS ABT TO DO MAKEUP FOR RAMESHWARA N SANGESHTRAZ DANCE GRP FOR A “MUSIC VIDEO” TO BE AIRED ON TEEVEE!!How does one nt get exciteD??So i did the makeup for the girls, and then she made me do aaaaall the guy’s makeup too. ive done guys makeup for the nUS pageant before bt it was weird dng for ppl you’ve seen dancing on
So then i was taking a break and turned my back, and looked out the window when a guy from behind needed makeup and called out “umm.. excuse me?”i turned… whu was it..??SHABIR…we both were stunned! He looked at me “Eh! What u dng herE??”lol.. it was hilarious..So i had to do his makeup too and we started talking abit and catching up on good times So he’s the singer together with sum other girl, and the 2 dance grp’s were also in d vid.Once the makeup was done, Rehan said to pack up. We had to follow them to their location where their viedo was to be shot, to stay there for touch up’s etc..and of all places.. where is their location??… MOS
Again we exchanged our ic’s for the pass. (nobody let me take photo’s!)And we went up to one of the hugeass rooms and they slowly set everythng up and practised.. and practised… and practised…But it was some good stuff =]Infact.. Rehan was happy with my work that she’s asking me to come back on the 7th of October again. Cant wait =]
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me n mizah at 630am at Mediacorp toilets ..
of course taken before she gt sent back.. =/